Summer holidays in Czech Republic, 2008
(portable HF and satellite operations as OK/PA3GUO)


- FT817ND: all mode HF-440MHz transceiver
- TH-D7:      FM 145/440MHz transceiver
- SEC1223: power supply for the FT817ND

- wire dipol for for 7 MHz
- DL6WU based 145 MHz beam
- DL6WU based 440 Mhz beam

    Only a very few QSOs made. Both 7 and 14 MHz were most of the time 'closed'.
    Recording of 7 MHz QSO with OE3XHA as OK/PA3GUO (July 15, 2008)

    PA3GUO     PA3GUO

Satellite (AO51):
PA3GUO         Half of the passes total chaos due to one or two stations dominating the satellite.
        When those were not present many QSO's could be made:
        Recording of AO51 QSO's with RA3OE and PA3WEG (Delfi-3 team) (July 14, 2008)
        Recording of AO51 QSO's with OE3EV and I6IBE (July 15, 2008)


My youngest son Hugo is operating the downlink with the THD7, while I take care of the uplink using the FT817.